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Pranic Healing 60 min session

–this Pranic Healing Session is meant for general ailments and diseases such as: Pains, Fatigue, Respiratory problems, Headache, Digestive problems, Injuries and so on. It it also suitable for mild or common psychological disorders such as: Mild Depressions, Stress, Worry, Phobia, Grief, Trauma, Fear, etc.

Pranic Healing 90 min session

– this Pranic Healing Session is meant for severe and chronic diseases such as:  Diabetes, Stroke, Autism, Paralyzed , Reproductive Ailments, Disorders of the Brain and Nervous System, Tumors & Cancers and so on. It is also very suitable for severe psychological ailments such as: Severe Depression, Addiction, Violence, Hallucination, Obsession, Compulsion, etc.

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Reiki 60 min session

Reiki treatment increases your supply of life force energy and helps you heal quickly. It promotes relaxation, makes you feel at peace, and reduces your stress. You start moving toward your unique physical, mental, and spiritual balance, and your body’s own healing mechanisms begin to function more effectively.

Reiki is administered by the hands, placed lightly on or near the body of the patient. The healing energy from the body and hands of the Reiki practitioner flows to the patient. The patient then experiences feelings of relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, decreased anxiety, and a sense of well-being. Research has shown that this occurs because the activity of parasympathetic autonomic nervous system in the patient increases significantly.

Service Prices

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What our customers are saying

Thank you for the most wonderful experience I've had in a long time. I feel free, detached from everything, I feel light, bright, positive and joyful ..What did you do? :) Thank you for a truly life changing session. My gratitude will be unended

J.P. - Calgary, Ab